CDS Inc. provides owner representation  and construction management for real estate developments.

We strive for our clients to be treated fairly and receive what they pay for  while striving for integrity, quality and professionalism.  Our experience encompasses brokering commercial real estate purchases, obtaining entitlements, permitting, assisting in  programming and design, management all  construction activities and closing out of projects.

We believe in building strong and experienced teams of professionals that can manage the complexity of the development process effectively.   Our teams are an alliance of professionals, tailored to address the size and scope of the development.  The teams focus on identifying and understanding what the clients needs are.  Once the project scope is appropriately outlined, budget decisions are clearly identified early in the planning process, and a project implementation strategy is formulated thereby providing  the client a path to successfully complete projects on time and within budget.

Successful projects start with building the project “on paper” first and then applying accurate cost modeling so that the client can make informed decisions before spending valuable time and resources.

Partnering With Experienced Professionals

We partner with highly qualified and experienced professionals to assure the success of your projects.  Our teams work diligently to balance the design, costs, quality and timeline of your project through process and procedures that we have developed over many years.  We do not hesitate to look at new innovations and constantly lean on our partners for value engineering options.

The Big Picture

CDS-Inc brings a unique perspective to the development process.  Having managed real estate developments and construction projects, we understand the importance of the work required in the front end of the project.  It is especially important to determine the proper scope of work and related cost and schedule.  Our work involves digging deep into the cost side of the proforma at the very early stages of the development process.  We believe that the project should be “built on paper” early so that you can make informed decisions before valuable resources and money are unrecoverable.

What Happens When You Partner With CDS Inc.

You will be partnering with an experienced advocate that can manage every aspect of your real estate development.